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    The data that you exchange with us will be encrypted so that you travel in a safe and complete way, that is, the transmission of data between us and you, and in feedback the information you provide (personal data, passwords, etc.), is Fully encrypted or encrypted.
    The fact that the data travels encrypted, we mean that we use mathematical algorithms and a system of keys that are only identified between you and the server where this web page is hosted.
    By having our SSL certificate reliable, our data is encrypted, at that time we can ensure that no one can read its contents. Our SSL certificate allows the secure transmission of information through the internet, thus confirming that the data is free of unwanted persons.

    The logositio seguro SSL  that you will find at the bottom of our website confirms that it is totally safe, as well as the green padlock that you can see in your browser that verifies it.

    Our certificate is issued and verified by one of the most important companies in Ciber Seguridad, Comodo.
    So feel safe to browse our website and communicate with us.

    More information about the advantages of the certificate.

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